Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi

I Cannot Fail (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet - 3)

I am a kind of person that loves writing, reading, sports, ministering the word of God, a public analyst, all for the good of my country and the world at large.

I cannot fail (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet -3)

I cannot fail because i chose to rise
E ven when all the shadows of death conspire
I stand firm within the spirit of promise
To shame the elements of failure casting vampire

Though many along the line sunk
 Due to tempts above their yielding strenght
But i see a ray of hope that flow from the junk
That in God i look to the sky as my delight

 That when all sweats are done and cast
And the frail hearts lives in the fears
And even when the armies of challenges are vast
Waiting to smell the sad odurs of my tears

  I said no to failure because i have decided to shine
  I said yes to success because it's my prime to wine.

By: Ofuoyebi 'Dinobi (C) July, 2013.

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