Karolina MarszaƂkowska

I can just write

Hello. I am just one of us , random 20 year old girl that loves to write. I'm writing not to gain fame or respect , just because it brings me happiness. Feel free to read, criticize. All your comments are welcomed cause I'd like to know what you think. ^^

If I could save someone's life
Would I give up mine?
If I could put an end to good byes
Would I be able to lie?

If I could wipe tears from your cheek
Would I use my own clothes?
If I could make it easier to speak
Would I give up wedding gown?

If I could make one wish come true
Would I choose yours?
If I could protect myself from you
Would I hide behind doors?

If I could live forever
Without getting ill
Would I spend this life to help
From my own free will?

Would I be able to give up
My heart, life and dreams
Just for the sake of others
Fighting with their fears?

I'm not a hero I'm just myself
So I can't know it for sure
I'm not angel nor goddess to take
I cannot invent a cure

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