Amir Samji

I am with you.

am with you

I am in my thinking to help you
Doing my utmost to bail out you
I got upset when heard news of you
Don't worry; be happy, I'm with you

I see and forecast a robust future of you
Just wait for a while you will be not you
Abundance of wealth; God will bless you
See a is smile of happiness on face of you

Ups and downs comes in lives of me and you
But those who face with bravely; are very few
The way you are facing it; God is with you
Need to do more; soon angels will be with you

Being beauty queen; it is in intellect; is in you
Use instinct of intellect to activate resources in you
Be in contemplation zone; your pledge to renew
Here comes shining gala of luck to spread smile on you

Now I see expression of happiness on face of you
Unfolding your golden future with aroma to please you
‘Slowly and steady win the race' you're amongst few
You were steadfast in pains that's why God bless you