Fred Lassonde

However, We Must Be "Born Again!"

However, We Must Be "Born Again!"
by Rev. Dr. Fred M. Lassonde

Everywhere I look I see even people of the Book

allowing this World to bring them despair

To drag them down as our own world is shook

by the high cost of living becoming a nightmare

Take your eyes off politicians and turn to God

no hope in men for they will only trod

on all of us, as they are power mad and greedy

Worldly powerful men seek to control the needy

If you allow them they will steal your hope

In their arrogance they believe your a dope

Please turn to Jesus while there is yet time

for it is how we are with God that makes us sublime

Turn your eyes Heaven-ward and be God's children

His promises are wonderful and He will keep you then

Our hope is not in this World or is it in men

However, we must be "Born Again!"
©Fred Monte Lassonde