Wallace Dean LaBenne

How Vast The Canyon

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

How close the narrow space when feeling uptight
How close the biased view when there is shortsight
How close the enemy when self-dread is fright
How pitch the black midnight when failing to cope
How pitch the dark abyss when slipping the slope
How pitch the barren womb when there is no hope
How odd the melody when grief is the song
How odd the glockenspiel when sounding no gong
How odd the form of pain when life has gone wrong
How pale the bloodless lips when blowing a kiss
How pale the waxen words when shouting a hiss
How pale the dingy drab when verve is amiss
How sharp the sword of truth when facts are to face
How sharp the history when cutting to chase
How sharp the thorny rose when stems fingers trace
How vast the emptiness when there're broken hearts
How vast the vacancy when a love departs
How vast the canyon depth when the freefall starts

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