Wallace Dean LaBenne

How Brief Is Forever?

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

How Grand is the Canyon? How great China's Wall?
How Mammoth is the Cave? How Rome-like the Fall?

How brief is forever? How lengthy one day?
How broad is destruction? How narrow the way?

How deep is the wellspring? How lofty the rise?
How dwarfed is pretension? How huge is disguise?

How harmful is vengeance? How humane mercy?
How vile is anger? How fine is pity?

How painful is fibbing? How curative truth?
How fettered is crudeness? How freeing is couth?

How bad is contention? How good harmony?
How wrong is division? How right unity?

How Dark are the Ages? How bright Renaissance?
How Brushed are the Sages? How sound the nuance?

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