Jawahar Gupta

House of jasmine

 Trust me
 I know this may be hard
 But you should talk about me
 When you brought me up to help you

 There is very especial between us
 Waiting for consider this love with me
 Share to distress
 I know I have something very serious
 And important for me to know
 But I didn't until I run behind me

 While I do not forget
 That your House has jasmine
 While I may not explain to you
 What you have for me
 Means nothing anymore than the end
 The end of any disaffection
 The end of a garden without the flower
 The end of memories
 Of lack of heat from cold feet in winter
 Maybe now I put that suit
 And wait for someone else at the altar
 As you couldn't stay ,cannot stay
 And I said run
 That you need to find someone
 You have to be happy
 That it is necessary to go beyond
 What is necessary to be close
 to be close to be closed
 And the cycle continues!!!!

 ~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~

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