Victoria Smith


Huddled up in a doorway,
Watching the world go past,
The numbness of his fingertips,
Not knowing how long he'll last.

People pass and give him looks,
Dirty looks that hurt his soul,
He wants to get out of this mess,
Prayers for his heart to be whole.

He begs for money all day and night,
But only gets a penny or two,
His mind is slowly fading,
But theres nothing he can do.

Maybe he can buy some bread,
But only every other day,
"Please.. spare some coins",
He has the habit to say.

People pretend to ignore him,
Or just simply look at their shoes,
He watches them in hope,
Knowing he'll always lose.

How would you feel if you were him?
To have no money, to have no name?
To have no family or friends?
Would you feel the same?

----------Over 100 million people around the world, have no shelter whatsoever. I can guarantee, most of you have walked past a homeless person, trying to ignore them, trying to make a distraction so you don't have to spare any money. But next time please think: how it would feel to be them?----------