Ishmael Balfour

Hold to my words

I started to read poems when I was 10 years old and was liking writing poems each day. Years later my mom was happy and glad I was writing small books and poems but sadly I lost her when I was only 15 years old and Remember's Day was the day she passed. Since then it has been two years and I wanted…

Hold to my words

I lost in this forgotton world

No escape

no one can be saved

One road to another place

no where to go

So we cry ourself to sleep

Hold ourself when we are cold

We don't understand the feelings

When they are gone to join

The others waiting above

Calling them home

We tell friends but they don't know

How dear they parents are to them

Hold to my words

You never know

When you will miss them

When you get called home

Forever in memoies

Forever in mind

Forever missed

Forever loved

Forever gone

I pray to my keeper

I lay my head down

To see tomorrow morning sun light

Not the forever darken nights instand