Lucian Tower

His bubble just burst

I began writing Lyrics, short stories, and poetry some 43-years-ago. When I was in high school, during the 60s, I met the great Robert Frost. He spoke to me about my real elementary attempts at writing and poetry. He took some time with me, after assembly hall and told me to not stop writing. Now, …

I remember Larry and how he never liked to tarry.
He'd always said that time was money.
And then he'd turn and hurry on his way.

He'd go to his job as a soda fountain jerk,
each and every day...never took time,,,but to work.
"There's no way to earn money wasting time on a quirk,"
he'd say.

He said once, that he didn't have time for a woman,
he said they cost too much ta-boot...
"Just pouring money through you hand...I'll stay as I am."

He spent his time this way steadilly increasing his worth.
Up until the going out of business of Woolworth...
he found himself unemployed with a sad, self-worth.

Of course he had all the money he'd been saving,
nevertheless he became homeless no longer caring...
telling everyone he'd lost his job from economic swaying.

After that he never worked again, and bought new friends,
Trouble was he always flashed around the money he'd lend.
That wasn't a good practice...thieves like money to spend.

Well they buried old Larry today...the killers got forty dollars.
A knife in the stomach as the thieves ran away...was no honor.
Well, old Larry has gone away to where it all began...
hope Saint Peter lets him through if not he'll holler.

Hard to figure some people and I believe Larry was the worst.
He could've had other jobs but I guess his bubble just burst.
Well his money couldn't go with him...wonder if he cursed.