Wallace Dean LaBenne

Hints Without Shadows

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Guilt complexes that encroach
are slashes without scars
Regret, anguish and reproach are prisons without bars

Sham anecdotes that malign
are feathers without birds
Conduct, posture and design are stances without words

Fun amusements that entrust
are frolics without ploys
Distaste, loathing and disgust are fervors without joys

Odd behaviors that glamour
are actions without feats
Bellow, hubbub and clamor are singers without beats

Mock suspicions that embed
are traces without clues
Imprint, reason and retread are signals without cues

Trade practices that maltreat
are curfews without suns
Falsehood, swindle and deceit are holdups without guns

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