Farida Amin

Hide and Seek around the bees- kids poem

“Oh it's sunny today,
Perfect for a picnic party.
Where shall we go?” said everyone.
“I'm not sure, just walk,
Follow grandfather and talk,
Laugh, giggle, jump up and down”.
“Where are we going?” asked everyone
“Still don't know” I replied.
We entered into a park that was
Surrounded by big trees and fences.
By giving each one of us a pear
Grandfather told us to sit in a pair.
We sat under the open sky that clear
Rainbow was bright with seven colours.
It was a wonderful atmosphere
from the sweet fragrance of the flowers.
Friends called: “Hey everyone, come here,
It's wonderful, it's pleasure”.
We forgot about grandfather's plan
Grandfather asked: “What are you up to, my clan?”
We ignored him and joined our friends.
It was great fun to play with friends
Hide and seek behind the trees.
Suddenly we were surrounded by the bees.
Hive of the bees were around, we did not think,
We broke the hive while playing hide and seek.
Bees came madly and stinging on us.
We all screamed: “Can someone help us!”
All people in the park alarmed by this,
Everyone came but they could not save us from bees.
Grandfather acted as great
He quickly went to the shop and bought
A big jar of honey and he hanged the jar
With the tree branch with its lid opened.
With the smell of honey all bees ran for the jar
By then we all were saved
From the bees and went far and far.
Next day the news went to the media.
Playing hide and seek around the Bees
Was not a good idea.

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