Lieselotte Emery

Hello Midnight

Poetry to me is a vacation, an outlet, a good cry, and laughter till your sides ache. I cannot remember a time when I did not read or write poetry, and will continue to do so until my eyes close for the last time.

Hello Midnight.
Here you are once more.
With my still unresolved problems
pounding at my minds front door.

Should I choose once again to just
run far far away.
No, that alas is not the answer
For I know that you are here to stay.

11:59 and 12:01 are the hours when
I do not dismay.
But, ah that dreaded midnight brings me to my knees where my tears fall like rain, in an effort just to pray.

The walls that surround me, in what
once was a happy place, have all the mirrors covered now, so I dare not see my face.

I used to stand for hours, staring at my own reflection. Hoping that some grace from up above would lead me to salvation.

Strange, how the eyes gazing back at me, would taunt me horridly so.
It was as if I were peering down at an ever endless hole.

So down damn sheets from all the mirrors, and let time convey.
For when you do what you know you must, time will not cause you more dismay.

Your eyes truly are the windows to your soul.
Never hide from yourself or time,
and you will come to find alas
that all that you have waited for is right there in your looking glass.