Shon White


I'm just dust with a pen; graciously given a talent for word play and redemption from sin...

What you don't know
Won't just hurt you
It will merk you —
It'll straight up get you killed

One minute
You're eating like a king
Next thing you know
You're staring at the bill
Scanning the room for the nearest exit

'Cause there's a very thin line
Between spending and flashing
And you can perish the thought
Of a dine and dash on the everlasting
'Cause it's not gonna happen

The only way out is the same way in:
Covered in someone else's blood
Waiting to be buried or married

You can refuse life to have it
Or seek it where it isn't granted
(But remember that you're playing for keeps
And both sides are never advancing)

So, Carpe Diem...
Swing away...
Stay meek...
And stay wily

Because you don't know
What you don't know
And until you do...

Tread Lightly.