Neil McLeod

Heavenly Tea

Born in Oxford, raised in Kenya, past winner of Los Slamgeles Poetry Slam and author of abitingchance.blogspot.comand "The First Thanksgiving".Doctor McLeod is a performing poet who has recited at Highland Games, dinners and Burns Nights for the last 36 years. He is happily married, lives and works…

Heavenly Tea
My mother, God bless her, who has now passed on, would unconsciously sip tea from which ever cup was closest to her.

We thought about Mama this morning.
My dear wife had drained her first cup,
And wondered allowed if she actually had.
I said, "Yes! Unless Mama turned up."

Ah yes, she remembered my mother,
Who would sip from the first cup to hand,
Diminishing each of all cupfuls
Not realizing - you understand.

She wondered, "If tea's served in Heaven?"
The answer - well none here have known,
But if they do I can sure tell you,
My Mama will be right at home.