Danny E. Mayon

He's Still in Vietnam

It's 1990 and he's still looking back
Upon a monsoon rain, from a one room shack.
No where to run, no where to hide,
My Brother still in Viet Nam.
When the sun goes down and he is feeling low,
Wondering who Captain's gonna send on patrol,
Twenty days straight in the jungle you know,
Does something to a young mans soul.
It was Bobby, Billy, Freddie, Teddy and Joe
The five man team that had to go,
They never returned and the silence grows,
My brother still in Viet Nam.
They were marching one day down near the DMZ,
Near friendly village, everyone believed,
All of a sudden a little boy steps out,
Then there were soldiers laying all about.
Now he walks these streets so late at night,
I hope he knows I'm so proud he went to fight
He's gotta give it up get on with his life,
My Brother still in Viet Nam.

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