Al-qahira Bakra


I'm an historical poet from under the old management of've been submitting since 1999.It all started when Montell williams had a contest for poetry to raise money for M.S.My first poem submitted was published.The aroused Third Eye in the book called enternal portraits.This book was sol…

It always the haters who's hating on me maine,
They don't have my potential all they got is a Pea Brain,
Why hate on my struggle?
Cause you scared to juggle,
Refuse to work hard that's why you bare the bubble,
Keep the Thugs thuggin,
And choir boys in church,
Plant seeds before birth,
Germinate from earth,
Hatings hateful,
The rude of talk,
Wish for my gains,
With no clues or thoughts,
My pores bled sweat,
Because I choose to walk,
I wreap from my wroths,
Low esteem I done fought,
I gain what I have and good news I sought.