Michelle Borel

Haters - Love Them!

Proud to be from the beautiful twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago... One of my very first pieces was published when I was eight in one of Trinidad's daily newspapers. I believe that we must not bury our talents, but work on enhancing them. I started hosting shows at age eleven and by seventeen, I bec…

I've got madd love for the haters
That line is cliched, but true!
While you're dropping lines for me
I'm getting points while you do!

Funny, you could google me,
But who the hell knows you.
You say you're not supporting me,
Yet, you are still giving a review.

Flagging my work and getting it deleted,
That's ok boo it was completed
And annoyed no, you won't get that
Because I am not defeated.

I've got time to be on the .com
Because I've already got mine
Sorry if you work an 8 to 4
And just upset that you don't have time!

Poetry is about love not war
But within me there's a lion
So careful where yuh steppin' likkle bwoy
Because dis empress is of Zion!

*steppin' likkle bwoy (Caribbean slang for stepping little boy)

20th Jan 2013

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