Nikki Henderson


You can't make me feel inferior without my permission
And if you'd stop and take the time
To pay attention and listen

I would help you understand
Realize and see
You do not get to spread around your misery

Whatever is going on
Inside your heart and mind
If you'd just put forth some effort I'm sure you would find  

A way to heal your pain
And a better way to live  
You would truly feel much better if you'd just forgive  

Those that made you what you are
And yourself for allowing it so
Listen to what I say for you really need to know 

If you choose not to heed this warning
That's entirely up to you    
But know that there is one thing that you do not get to do  

And that is spread your pain to others
And to spread is not to share  
For that dark place in which you reside, no one else wants to go there 

The darkness that is in your spirit
You seem determined to let stay
And spreading it to everyone you meet each and every day

Speaking from experience
Yes please take it from me
There is so to so more to life and a better way that you can be

It occurred to me the other day
That maybe you do not see
That being hateful to others won't offer you the relief that you seek     

The only thing that will heal you inside
Is by taking it to Him    
So get on your knees and let it go and truly start to live  

Without the hatred and without the pain    
Just lay it all at the foot of the cross  
And then my friend you can live in love and not hatefulness, pain, and loss