Amir Samji

Happy thanks giving

Remember this day of blessing to bless others
Bless materially or spiritually, it doesn't matter
A sweet smile of yours, may change life of others
A few kind words may bring them out of dither

If you believe in God, Jesus sacrifice on cross
Do as little as you can to improve lives of those
This being day of great importance, and great hope
Though I am hopeful, have to keep my fingers cross

Imagine, how can you do something for good cause
That may change quality of lives of who, has no hope
You have been sent here with purpose in mind broad
Guys, it will reflect on your lives here-in-after by God

The theme of the day is to love, & live for others
Is the day of big sympathy, and caring for others
See how can you be of help to your fellow brothers
Help, as your mother did, when you were in feathers

This is the divine beauty of man to help each other
Nothing is more important than helping each other
Will enlighten you, to make you an important figure
Smile, as you are at right podium to serve better!