Atif Khan


It aint got no color, it aint got no shape
It aint need no seeing, its all really same

It aint need no pope, it aint need no mullah
It aint need no bhagwaan, it aint need no budhha
All it needs is to be one
Love, world and harmony
Make us all part of we
Happiness will come to thee
I have seen the personal gains, I got them all drained
I have seen the kingdom coming, all we got is pain
Faith does matter, so is the logic
Follow your religion, forget the profit
They are all demi gods, preaching their followings
We are all against the odds, opting for belongings
No color, no skin, no place, no language
A smile stands tall beyond all hostage
Money, fame, fortune, hypocrisy
Look into myself fight illiteracy