Bruce Daniel Knowlton

Hand In Hand

They met at a county fair, back in 1935,
She was the fair queen who caught his eye,
He won her a teddy bear at the game stand,
And it wasn't long until they were walking hand in hand,
Walking along, two teenagers, falling in love,
Hoping they'd be blessed by the Lord up above,
They were married in a little church back in the hills,
Two strong souls with two strong wills,
Both taking the vows as they slipped on each band,
To forever be faithful, to walk hand in hand,
Their future looked bright, the path of life looked long,
Walking together they couldn't go wrong,
But, life is short, it quickly goes by,
And 70 years pass like the bat of an eye,
Now, they walk slowly together, barely able to stand,
In the halls of the rest home, hand in hand,
Knowing it won't be long now until they both pass from this life,
They hang onto each other, this husband and wife,
Looking forward to heaven they know it will be grand,
Walking together forever, hand in hand.