Edwin Ronald Lambert

Hand in Hand

As I was sitting alone,
In the woods nearby
Watching the sky so lone
And the clouds go by

I watched the flowers
Unfurling themselves
And the raindrop showers,
In number of twelves

I saw the animals jumping,
Jumping around here and there,
And all the birds chirping
Somewhere, but I don't know where

I was enjoying the skies
Sparkling with dashing light.
Everywhere my mind and eyes
Found a very beautiful sight.

And when I turned around,
My heart gave a jump
For the thing that I found
Was like a pit of a dump

Where are the trees
Or the blooming flowers.
There is no rush of breeze
Nor the raindrop showers.

I always wonder to myself,
What have we done?
To bring destruction ourselves
Upon our daughter and son.

When I look backward,
I see trees put into condemn.
Whereas in my forward,
I see people planting them.

As I was sitting alone,
In the woods nearby.
Sitting in the great unknown,
Watching as life pass by

I wonder what life is for.
And where to go to plan
Go to the world of nature, or
Go to the world of man.

But I cannot go to one land
For I do love them both.
That's why I go hand in hand
So as to keep my oath.

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