Curtis Carroll

Haiti's Quake

Among the ruins from the quake, lay the wounded and the dead,

And people wandering about the streets had no place to lay their head.

Dogs barking, children crying, searching for their mom

While away in safer towns, worse news was yet to come.

Aftershocks another quake, the island seemed to implode,

Mother Nature was about to drop another load.

Foreign aid, the Red Cross, the army and the UN,

Came to stabilize the situation and lend a helping hand.

To the President's palace, the people came to see,

How the quake had diminished the High and the Mighty.

No Government to turn to, they rioted in the street,

Looting, stealing, and begging for something to eat.

History always teaches us how precious freedom is,

These people fought for it with blood, sweat, and tears.

From the French, they bought their freedom so they say,

But haven't paid a nickel toward it, not even up ‘till today.

A picturesque landscape, the island indeed is blessed,

But after the French departed, the island became distressed.

Many perished in overloaded boats while trying to flee the rock,

Hoping to find a better life away from the Dictators-Papa and Baby Doc.

Now that the power of the quake has destroyed this island nation,

From the city of Port au Prince to the north at Cap- Haitian,

Perhaps the world will take notice while cleaning up the mess,

And bring back democracy to the misery and the distressed.