Donald Vess

Grow Differently...

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

Ive watched a south florida sunrise,
Ive seen a michigan winter sunset,
Ive lived every state in between,
these are the places Ive seen...

Full moons over the ocean,
quarter moons in the north,
rising tides in the south,
now smoky mountain living...

Just my woman, the dogs and me,
few I care to see,
breathing life free,
asking life to let me be...

Grew as a rebel,
in hell I fell,
so much to tell,
from my deep well I yell...

Grow not this way,
to the youth I say,
kneel and pray,
making for a better day...