Amir Samji

Greed is curse

Greed is curse
Neither I am in need of anything; nor in greed of anything
Whatever I have feel contended; and feel I have everything
What you will do if you have more; to me it is nothing
Only I want to preserve jewel of ethics; for me is something
In greed; may be you will get more; but go miser; is certainty
Greed and misery; will make you miserable; believe me reality
Become religious and go with it; to get peace; and tranquility
Rest all are ‘water in desert' will not quench thirst; remain thirsty
Greed is an untreatable disease; my be you die with this disease
Whatever you do in life; by it to anyone; you can't get pleases
It is a kind poison; in your body; keep poison releases
Day by day you go weaker and weaker; one day life unleashes
Once you are trapped in; take to death bed; unless last breath releases
Unless in your family somebody is wise; remain there with falls promises
Your egoistic and greedy ego; keep you trapped to suck your blood as it wishes
You become so miser; always you are reluctant to cook more dishes
It has chain effect and reactions; to keep you wrap around unless
prospect diminishes
You feed proud of that you keep accumulating wealth at what cost; to
me never appease
You are like a blood sucking insect; it will die but never give up it wishes
I think to come out of this lethal disease; listen to God; your soul get pleases