William John

Great words

I am born and brought up in Kerala state, in India. In Kerala, Thrissur city is my native place and now I am residing at Kadavoor village in Ernakulam district.I am a senior lawyer at The High Court of Kerala. Literary talents all dwelt in my blood from my very birth itself. From, while studying in…

Over the pig neck mount, oh mount-
There's the mount, where, vulture rule,
Over the mount so vulture rule-
There's the ancient, ancient flower mount,
But anything, that could say, say?
Or anything that could know, know?
Still anything that could fill, fill?
Or that could, so made, less,less?
Seen blooms, so never to fade-
Taken, so oh, never to fade,
All oh used never to fade-
Seen and seen never to fade,
On the corner of the eyes a lyric-
On both eyes, so a lyric,
Inner chest so fill, a lyric-
On coolness, coolness, a lyric,
Yachts of lustre all so full-
Shining, shining, oh so full,
Glittering, glittering, all so well-
On the lustre, oh so cooled,
Don't say, don't say false-
Don't say, don't say right,
Don't say, hitting, hitting-
Don't say never so say,
Climates, climates changing-
So much thrilled can't say,
Soul so witness, witness-
Gentle coolness, coming .

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