Greasy road

Started writing poetry this year...loving it....wished I had started years ago...don't take myself too seriously....Love painting old rock stars too ...appeals to the old rock chick in me....Recommend dancing around the kitchen...it's is great for creativity, your diet and your soul....i lol always…

The devil drove my love away
Down a greasy road today.
Making cruel jibes at me, I know,
that stealer of my heart and soul.

While my heart dies crying now,
burning acid cuts deep and how,
My tears won't ease this refrain.
No wallowing will kill my pain.

It's clear he has no use for you,
he just wants me to play the fool.

For I will not give up on this battle,
a nowhere drive to hell or Seattle.
I will take this demon's penalty
to fight for you and set us free.

Trust my call and soulful plea,
he will not get the better of me.
I'm raging down that greasy road
to slay that dark n shadowy foe.

It's clear he has no use for you,
he just wants me to play the fool.

My faith in you will never depart,
he will not break my determined heart.
A love could not be driven stronger,
I'll get you back, for that I hunger.

Don't give up baby, as I believe
that Evil is no match you see.
I'll fight for you and set us free,
he'll never get the better of thee.

He's bringing out the devil you see
Just you hold on, please wait for me.

JAX U 08/2014

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