Nikki Henderson


 How was I fooled so completely?
 My humiliation is profound and deep
 And here I thought I was the love of your life
 I guess the joke is on me
 Lie after lie you told me
 And each one I unquestiongly believed
 How foolish was my trust
 How did I not see
As hard as you tried to break me
 Oh how callous and so cruel
 Is that how you treat a woman that loves you
 My God what is wrong with you
But there will come a time
 When you reap what you sew
 And when you come to say you are sorry
 My response will be "I told you so."
For the grass that you thought was greener
 On the other side
 Still needs tending and care
 Just like the grass you left to die
So when you realize what you have done
 And you will someday wait and see
 You'll need a shoulder to cry on
 But sweetheart it shant be me
This was a blessing in disguise
 A tragedy that set my soul free
 Before I even knew I was imprisoned
 Now I can jsut be me
Content to love myself
 Before I love anyone else
 Forgiving as He forgave me
 Loving life, full of joy and peace