My voice rings through the empty rooms,
The song I sing is glad,
But as the words strike on the walls
Their melody is sad.

Goodbye, this house I’ve known so long
Where laughter sowed her blooms,
Now strangers feet will tread your floors
And sleep within your rooms.

I open drawers that once were full,
Now shadows empty store,
The plants upon my windowsill
Will grow there nevermore.

Goodbye, this window where I’ve stood
And wrote so many poems,
Where every time I still returned
From wish or dreamers roams.

I look into the mirrored wall
And touch my out stretched hand,
This stranger that I once knew well
Will never more here stand.

Goodbye, these mustard coloured walls
That shaped the night wind’s roar,
And cast their shadows on the grass
Where I will sit no more.

My world has changed so fast and much,
My roots torn from my den,
This place that I so long called home
I’ll never see again.

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