Wesley Morin

Glutton for Punishment

I was borne in the soul of misery and I never had me a name... they just gave me a number when I was young... ***BANNED IN A HUNDRED THOUSAND COUNTRIES***

I play like you wrote all those things
about me (about being lost in the grip of
ecstasy, or divining caress in my absence)
as if I could mean
that much to you
I guess it's about time I dropped the
fantasy since I know
you'd never reach out to me
unless it was out of pure sympathy
I'm so far away it's not even funny
and so far off-base I've insulted you, honey
I'm dying for you to break my heart
I just want a chance to feel that pain
I know it would be so exquisite and
If the only reason why
you won't give me chance is that
you don't feel like hurting me
you should know in advance that life without
anguish to me isn't living at all

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