Deepshikha Singh

Glimpses of the unconscious activity

I am someone, who if assigned work, does not ever leave it unfinished and would prefer giving my best. I know how to impress people and know the importance of time, money and energy. Any task that I do, have to be done with absolute finesse is my credo. I can empathize very strongly with anyone in …

Beat the hearts on our cup
For what may become the dismay
Or the orchestra, as it may, thus create
Know “I”, know “u”, knew they
Not, how the superiority in the dint and how it manufactures itself
The melody of the flowing Gehenna
Looks, appears to be minty sweet and shiny spree
But who will bear this pain, thus hurt, that someone caused in the lane
The lane of forgetfulness, or the rein of remembrance…..
Yes, eight years back and eight years on –
I pledge to seek amnesty to the sin, those sins, these sins,
Which I doubt, if I performed, may be, not in the vow
Perhaps in the foreword
Or now, itself, in this gesture of a “vow”
Deepschon ; 31.10.2013