Alanna LaCour

Glass House (The Hunger)

My name is Alanna, I am 19 years old and I live in Music City. I love writing, all forms of poetry, listening to music, anything that is deep rooted, and just about everything else in between. I started writing my own poetry around age 7, and started reading Emily Dickinson and other well known wri…

Lovely and as light as lace,
Sickened by the thought to taste.
Echoes fill the womb,
Forgotten like the Pharaoh's tomb.
Mind over matter,
Hey mind..what's the matter?
Deprivation is the motivation,
The inspiration of this revelation.
God grant me the serenity,
To be half of what i should be.
Be more what i would be,
To dream of what i could be.
No room here for solid mass,
It hurts so bad, but the storm will pass.
Daydreaming of houses of glass.
Rain, Rain, Go Away.
I'm falling asleep.
Too weak to blink and too tired to think
no words of worth to say.
I'm worn down and battered
My glass house has shattered
Being pulled from the wreckage,
I'm all alone.
The sun is the only one.
The only proof there once was life.
Lost Auras make a rainbow to promise
Me a brand new day.
And how the sun it hits my face.
Lovely and as light as lace.
Sickened by the thought to taste