Karen Habermehl

give and TAKE

lets not stir in madness
spirits bubble-up when steered
Lets play a game of "Shutes and Ladders."
" I would'nt say, giving the seriousness
of "'Monopol{ly]ies."
Swirling spirits in his cristal glass
a thick lava of red boiling to spew
the mist tickling but no one in the mood
"last evening,I met with an attorney"
Police whistles,buses alerting the stops
and distant mutterings broken-sentences
the crisp night air carrying it all
through the open windows
"Well..?" she said,unalarmed and waiting
like a starving lioness ready to pounce
" I want a divorce",he said.
Everything, the billowing dance of the shears
with her last card layed firmly put...
He knew,he had lost.........
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