Norman Wilson

Gifted Willingly

IntroductionForgotten are the times the tick of a clock once chimed sobering sounds that caressed my hearts nightly dreams. As I awaken to the touch of light that burns upon a candles wick flickering my words for all to see. This drives my thoughts through the darkest of nights of loneliness that r…

Gifted Willingly

Your steps to heaven
are paved with love
with all the renderings
given from above

In a world that you created
filled my heart from the first day we met
until the time you parted
in the rituals that was set

There was not one specific thing
that you gave to me
it was the complete package
you gifted willingly

You stopped my efforts
from saving you
for the price was too great
for what you would go through

I could see the pain in your eyes
from your deathbed
for the life you were losing
from the tears you bled

It was killing me slowly
piece by piece
as you lay in rest
under a setting sun in the east

There were no clouds
lingering in the blue sky
it was a clear pathway
to heaven from where you lie

My sadness will not be lasting
as I will find my way to you
soon I shall take heaven's steps
where our love will renew