get down a while

I Love to write, it helps me rinse out my soul.

I'm gonna be
gonna be sitting 'round just a little bit
goin' uptown in a little bit
and i can't wait to be there now,
oh, cuz i just want to sit down
down off my feet
let the worry roll offa me
and that damn woman,she'll be
one more dream away from me
sp let's just get down,
off of the long high wire
sit around and be gentle
and let the storm pass us by
because there's no mercy for the useless
no one feels our pain
no one feels sorry
if you are the reason to blame

because I am to blame.

now, the sun's just going down
and the cool air is here
let me find you a placve to be
and you can sit down for a while
she went down later that night
watching the sky turn pink and blue
i think she was happy and looked to me
she said i'm in love and feel so free
her hair covered her face sea air that came to play
and she's gonna be sitting down
and she's on her way.