Asrarul Chowdhury

Game of Chess: Part XII

Here, I now stand in front of my sweet Bengal
My tears flow, for it's no longer the real one
We speak the same language and sing the same song
And yet, together no longer a part of Hindusthaan

"Shabash Bangladesh" was it not Shukanto who said
Tagore with all his glamour and 'fusion jazz'
Michael, Manik, Lalon, Hasan Raja and Bankim
Bengal is full of many Rasagullahs

What magic is there in my sweet Bengal
That makes we want to raise the glass furthermore
Is it the virgin beauty or the virgins themselves
Bengal, my love-- again I want to see the sea-shore

Oh Bengal, hear the words of mad Asrar
Who 'alone' wrote for every Hindu and Musalmaan
He was the voice of the unspoken, devoid of any form
Kazi Nazrul Islam, Khoda bless that great man!