Fringeing Angel

I'm 13. I love Journey to the Past, Hey There Delilah, and Once Upon a December. I love the movies Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Anastasia."Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music." ~Ronald Reagan"Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow …

Trim the fringe around your elbow,
It hangs around you, though you are blind to it.
Sometimes, you can't help the way things happen, like the fringe.
When you feel this, you will know.
Now, I cannot tell you how it is true, but it is so.
I have nothing I can do for you,
But help you along the way.
I'll carry you when you are hurt,
I'll give you medicine when you're sick.
I'm here, like the fringe.