Wallace Dean LaBenne

Frenzied Oceans

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

I've sailed on frenzied oceans where waves could lick the sun.
I've sailed on peaceful notions where waves could lick for fun.

I've hiked on jagged foothills where steps could skip the sun.
I've hiked on level landfills where steps could skip for fun.

I've hushed on barren censures where still could haunt the sun.
I've hushed on fertile ventures where still could haunt for fun.

I've danced on desert simooms where winds could bop the sun.
I've danced on public saloons where winds could bop for fun.

I've fought on baleful alleys where fists could box the sun.
I've fought on benign valleys where fists could box for fun.

I've wept on deepest sadness where tears could soak the sun.
I've wept on hearty gladness where tears could soak for fun.

I've burned on shady passions where lips could kiss the sun.
I've burned on trendy fashions where lips could kiss for fun.

I've lived on borrowed money where bets could play the sun.
I've lived on milk and honey where bets could play for fun.

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