Clara B. Ray


Clara B. Ray is an Amateur Creative Writer, and a Free Verse Poet, who has been writing poetry for about two years.She writes about many topics, including those that share her experiences & recovery as an Adult Survivor of Child Abuse, a teen alcoholic, and an advocate for domestic violence & sexua…

Freedom. It sought to escape,
for it wanted to walk the plains
of blueberry sweetened farms.

To float freestyle in oceanic waters,
feeling buoyancy beneath
the frailty of human arms.

To aviate cumulus humilis clouds
in powder blue heights,
counting the stars in a soft, velvet night.

It sought to escape,
for it wanted to watch new generations
of laughing children frolic and play.

And it said to its heart...
show me the way. Freedom.

God bless America, USA.

©Clara B. Ray