Kumar Kamal

Fragmentation Of Dreams

fragmentations of dreams fly in the films!
furtive,fertile,fragile;love lies,love sighs
love capsize in the Caspian Seas of seasonal
disguise across the eastern Sky
Out of the corner of my eastern eyes I see
alaknanda stretched out,bow-tight,beateous
age-defied unto the canvas of the midnite
Sky/f ragile,furtive,fertile Eve falls to the
Temptations of the Serpent`s eyelidless Eyes
The apple she tries,loses she Paradise
The Snake wins
Humanity spread Its branches,roots,twigs
In the Woman`s Eden-ridden-umbilical-Beliefs
Seeds of Discord,Distinctions,Pleasure,Piety
Desire,Envy art then sown
Soon enough the Earthdom is full w/
Serpentile toads/C`mon Humans have fear
Don`t you ever defy Him
He will take you up and smash like squash

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