Inge Meldgaard

Forest Songs

Born in Denmark in 1953, I migrated to Australia with my family in 1957. After spending my school years in Yallourn, I moved to Melbourne in 1970 to attend Monash University. Having graduated with a science degree in 1975, I worked in various fields, such as youth work, teaching, politics (with a s…

Gnarled with age,
Its arms reaching skywards,
Leaves glisten in the morning light;

A distant storm ~
The sharp, clean scent of rain
Fills this old tree with renewed hope,
With life.

Deep roots,
Searching the earth,
Drink as the rain begins.
Within the hollows of the trunk,

Bright eyes,
Woken from sleep,
Blink, and then close once more ~
The storm, a gentle lullaby,

Lightning threatens,
Thunder translates the song
Into a roar of savage rage ~
Trees scream.

The small creatures
Cry, yet dare not emerge
From their shelter within the tree,
Their home.

The tree holds firm,
Its will to live stronger
Than the chaotic, battering

NOTE: Each verse is in the form of a Cinquain, which has five lines, with syllable count 2-4-6-8-2