Ayhan Diril

For midwives

I know you are all angels

Laboriously working, -
Objecting no one, in respect.
Very much needed by mums
Eager to help the patients.

All flowers bloom with your smiles
Laid on the table.
Lilacs envy your names.

Midwives are always there to give you a hand
Your eyes are full of affection

Miracles are first greeted by you
In the hearts you shine
Don’t be modest anymore
Wings are the only difference than angels
In all mothers’ hearts
Very effective place you have
Each new born loves you much
So happy with your touch.

Across the corridor a midwife shines
Yearning to help all, making no discrimination
Hospitals would be deserted without you
All-embracing with soft hands!
Nests find happiness with you!

Daddies get the best news from you
if you were not here
Radiance in their eyes would die
indeed you must believe
Lights of the Fridays you are!

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