Angela Lorine Smith

Focus on Jesus

Born in Atlanta, Georgia to the parents of Leo and Paulette Sheats on February 9, 1965, the third child in a family of five. She started to write poetry at the age of 11. Angela love reading, writing and computers, from programming computers, troubleshooting them, writing blogs, website etc. She is…

Focus on Jesus that's what I should have
done but, I was focusing on my job,
and things was getting very hard.
I couldn't sleep, I was up all night;
thinking about the mean people in my life

Wishing God would put them in their place,
but, he sat me down and gave me
a time out instead. Now I am sitting here wondering why
I didn't put God first in my life.

I was focusing on my woes and other
people pro's and wondering why
I wasn't the head, but the tale.

Then it game to me, one night when I was
sinking in a sea of a failure life, Peter
toke his eyes off the way to eternal
life and began to sink in the sea, but
then he call out to Jesus, God lifted him
up and God will do the same for you and me,
if we keep our focus on Him.

Forgive me God for not keeping my focus on
you and thank you for taking out of my life
the things that kelp my focus from the one
who can give me eternal life.