Don Wells

Flying Dreams

and when i dream, i fly...
i kick into the air
forget all my cares
and fly...

soaring along
in a brilliant blue sky
no fences or stop lights
just the miles rushing by

a child of the air
doing loops and cartwheels
i can't put into words
the joy that i feel

higher than heaven
where no angel roams
nobody has seen
the places i've flown

but i'm all by myself
flying alone
i have no destination
no place to call home

i look down and see
the clouds far below
stretch past the horizons
like god's own pillow

the green land beneath them
calls me to bed
i'm weary of flying
so i'll rest my head

upon the earth's shoulders,
curl up in her lap
and as i descend
i rouse from my nap

i wake feeling broken
i can no longer fly
but i have my family,
they slumber nearby

and a place to return to
a place that i call home
and though i love flying
there's one truth i know

my place is my family
and my dreams have shown
its better to walk with them
than to fly all alone