Flee the scene of the void, My love

Bam, she wins again.

If secession from the past is what you seek
You are walking down the wrong path
My wet eyes are proof enough
Amongst the midst of lies I lye
Spinning forth words as soft as the silk worm’s silk
Take heed, it is slippery

A tale of treachery is the relinquishment of heavy words
Stare into the starless sky, does it swallow you?
My wet eyes are proof enough
Resistance is a futile effort, yet I seek escape
If you follow straight you may be spared ignorance
Diverge and suffer a blow to reality
A blow so harsh it will leave you stranded in a blanket of isolation

Is this what you will upon yourself?
Oh one that my heart sings to, avoid this pitfall
Swallow up the sky with your eyes
Forfeit the sun glamorous one!