Timothy Francis Savage


I have been writing poetry most of my life I love how so much can be said using so little. I am not a literary person but have always enjoyed this form which drips out of me, for reasons I can’t explain, almost constantly. I have written poems to try and explain this like Surfers Block, Special Pre…

On a tar black night,
A firefly dances drunkenly overhead.
An only sun in endless darkness,
It flies haphazardly into bushes.
Seemingly unaware of its new radiance,
It hovers amongst the beech leaves,
Throwing greens, reds and yellows,
Upon the blackness.
Imagination sees planets awoken into daylight,
From the brightly lit to the far off wax of Neptune,
A family bound in light.
Then off flies the fire
And the magic of existence is gone.

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