Marisa MJ

Finding Me

Finding me in the dark,
enemies fade,
and I'm no longer the mark.
My heart seeping with agony and pain,
My demons washed away from the rain.
A tear shed for friends I once knew,
if only something worked I carried through.
Finding me in the shadows of blue,
taking blames for things untrue.
People falling all around,
a thorny rose bleeds on the ground.
Finding me where did I go,
so ashamed with nothing to show.
The wind gently blowing through my hair,
finding me when nothing is there.
Finding me with nothing stored,
cutting emotions with a sharp sword.
Finding me where were you?
Flying to heaven to the world of new.
Finding me not wanting to fight,
Finding me trying with all my might.
Finding me would be a really good start,
Finding me with an unbroken heart.