Brian Spivey

Finding Happiness

I've been writing for nearly 40 years. It's been a good ride. Hope you enjoy. I have one series of poems that should be read together. "A Sad Fairy Tale", "Happily", "A New Fairy Tale Begins", and "The Result of True Love". As the Staler Brothers sang "Some I wrote for money, some I wrote for fun, …

The trick to finding happiness
Was never taught in school
It's easy to find happiness
If you know the simple rule

Some say sunshine makes them happy
Others claim that it's the rain
There are those who are seeking pleasure
While some may be looking for pain

I've often heard people singing
They say it brings them joy
I've even heard girls whisper
It's in the eyes of that special boy

All of these people are searching
Each hour that they are awake
All of theses people are searching
And making a big mistake

It's not in the laughter of children
It's not in a book you can read
It's not in the wealth we're pursuing
Nor the things we think we need

So don't look to that bright shiny jewelry
It won't help you to "pimp" your ride
If you are truly seeking for happiness
Just pause and look deep inside

For possesions are much like illusion
They're here now; tomorrow they're gone
With your happiness banked deep within you
Your account can not be overdrawn

Happiness can be your companion
If you follow this simple rule
"Love yourself" and all else will follow
You'll find that you're nobody's fool

Copyright c2005 Brian E. Spivey