Final Judgement

It was a night full of terror
Slender beams of moonlight entered
 this darkened chamber as I kneeled before his greatness,
 always sorrowful, always in pain,
 frozen here in time, waiting to be judged

Tortured forms manifest in panes of glass sculptures as dust dances in the atmosphere
I could hear them coming
Silent footsteps that seemed to grow louder and louder with every passing moment
Forming strange images within my mind
Images not meant for mortal eyes
Images fueled with rage
Infiltrating my exposed flesh
Ripping away at my soul
Consuming me from the inside

 Tears on my face

 on my knees in constant prayer
Praying to an unjust deity
Crying for his mercy
Begging for forgiveness
I have wronged you so many times
I accept the consequences for my sins
I raise my head, now submitting to this callous fate
I submit to his final judgement

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